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Webhosting from annual s 39 + IGV

How we can give webhosting of quality to so low prices?

Hosting Ninja
S/ 39 annual + IGV
2 GB Total Space
5 Cuentas of mail
1 Bases MySQL
Hosting Ronin
S/ 59 annual + IGV
5 GB Total Space
15 Cuentas of mail
5 Bases MySQL
Hosting Samurai
S/ 99 annual + IGV
15 GB Total Space
25 Cuentas of mail
MySQL bases

We buy powerful servers of last generation and contracted personnel whom really he loves what does and is arranged to help you at any time.

More than 300 applications FREE that you will be able to install in your website from your Cpanel!
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WordPress, Joomla, Moodle, Prestashop and hundreds of other applications are to a distance click

Lodging webHosting

Powerful servers

All our servers especially are formed to give the maximum power to our clients. In addition to counting on security systems of last generation.

Specialized support

All our equipment will be kind to your needs to support to you and attendance at any time. Or of telephone, mail or chat always we will be in favor available.

Gratuitous applications

We make your available more than 300 applications to install in your website. Everything from your Control Panel Cpanel. As simple as to make click in some of her.

Immediate scalability

You need to change of plan? Then with us you can do at any time in simple and fast form.

Where I can buy a Domain?
Several extensions of domains exist. .pe/.net are extensions assigned to Peru as .pe/.com .pe which can directly buy them in There are others are more general as .com/.net/.org which can be solicitd to international companies as

Also you can ask for it in ninjahosting along with your service of hosting.

Of what the service of hosting consists?
Hosting is the leasing of a space in a connected servant to Internet that allows to lodge a website and to connect the accounts of post office to a domain.

He is indispensable to have a domain (that is the name of its website and what it goes after @ in his accounts of post office) to be able to have a website working.

How I can begin to use the service of hosting?

In order to contract hosting you need a domain, once contracts the service this is ready to use it from the moment that arrives the mail to you from welcome. In this mail we sent our DNS to you that is information that you must change in the company which you registered your domain if he is for example .pe you must go to change it to